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For serveral years we care about network stability and safety. We create complex infrastructure, create data protection systems and advise in IT business.

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We specialize in

IT Infrastructure

designing, creating and support of network
configuring network devices
resolving network problems, monitoring, auditing
configuring VPN remote access
configuration of printers
installation and support of Blackberry, Windows, Linux, Mac OS
installation and support of specialist software (financial, accounting management etc.)
deployment and configuration of mail system
administration of WWW services

Data Safety

deployment of data storage and backup policy
maintaining and monitoring backup process
data recovery

IT Consulting

assist in hardware and service choice
our recommended hardware and service vendors support
support in advanced IT solutions


We’re hiring:
1) Linux administrator / Ubuntu ambasador
2) WordPress & plugins developer / puzzle master
3) IT assistant / Windows master
4) Commerce technician / IT Guru

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